Tuesday, October 5, 2010


*Uncurbed / inges forandring
*Fasts / what's up lier
*Hellnation / This is progress?
*The Dudoos / crabb europe
*Mukeka Di rato / moldar
*Allergic To whores / attack
*Assuck / salt mine
*Krigshot / denna javia teknik
*Exclaim / the weight
*Vivisick / distort world distort future
*Nine Shocks Terror / remove the pope
*Y / more bananas for the punx
*What Happens Next / crucial session
*Scalplock / inculcate
*Gaia / bits & pieces
*G-Anx / the narrow path
*Meanwhile / schizosociety
Scotty Heath of Tankcrimes Records
*Cannibus Corpse
*Face the Rail
*Short Hate Temper / sweatshop commodity
*Krigshot / forvisad ut I skitten
*Spazz / swampfoot
*All Ill / discotheque
*Slight Slappers / age has no meaning
*Nema / come work for us
*Romantic Gorrilla / gori
*Flash Gordon / i scream, you scream
*Vitamin X / time has come
*Destructions End / demon possest
*Uncurbed / party punx
*Dystrophy / burlingame punx is an oxymoron
*Voetsek / shithouse poet
*Scholastic Deth / time to rock
*Lab Rats / now that you've seen it
*Elephant Man / hi, fool!
*Delta Force / carnal knowledge
*Paindriver / never forget
*Look Back And Laugh / cancerous faith
*Desolation / hiding like cowards
*This Is My Fist / jesus plus nothing
*Funeral Shock / ban this
*Horseback / the invisible mountain

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